CAR CARE TIPS: Rust Block Automotive Corrosion Protection offers car care tips on how you can maintain the body of your vehicle Image

CAR CARE TIPS: Rustblock® Automotive Corrosion Protection offers car care tips on how you can maintain the body of your vehicle.

RUSTBLOCK®: Taking care of your car


CAR CARE TIPS: Rust protection techniques

North America's harsh weather conditions make rust protection a must for all vehicles. Not all rust protection techniques are alike. Please note the differences;

Tar and wax based products can seal moisture and water against metal causing serious rust problems. Also, tars and waxes can crack and peel, allowing moisture to pass directly to the metal.

Popular oil sprays fall short from giving full protection. Because oil floats on water, it cannot dispel moisture. Oil then traps moisture against the metal, thus not eliminating the true problem.

Grease products are also inadequate in resolving serious rust problems. These products are to thick and cannot penetrate the seams and crevices where most rust begins.

The advantage with Rustblock® is that the product bonds to all surfaces for long lasting protection. Rustblock® completely protects seams and support braces, locking out moisture. Rustblock® also penetrates existing rust to protect metal.

CAR CARE TIPS: When to rustproof your car?

Rust on vehicles is a seasonal problem, occurring during the colder months of the year. Moisture collects in the seams and crevices of the vehicle's doors and body panels resulting in serious rust problems.

Every Rustblock® treatment protects your vehicle for a full year. Therefore it is not necessary to treat your vehicle in the fall when most people visit our centers. The spring and summer months have proven to be the best period for spraying vehicles with the Rustblock® product. The mild temperature allows our product to fully penetrate and protect the necessary rust prone areas, resulting in full protection against rust in the fall and harsh winter months.

CAR CARE TIPS: Rust prevention tips
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Having your car protected by Rustblock® is the best way to keep your vehicle rust free.

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Keep your car clean. Regularly inspect your car for an accumulation of dirt and salt.

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When washing your car, clean any mud accumulation in the lip of the wheel wells as dirt can hold moisture and cause serious rust problems.

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During wintertime, keep your carpets dry. Remember, moisture causes rust and if your carpet is wet your floor panels will rust from the inside out.

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Wax your car at least twice a year.

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NOTE: Rustblock® is applied on the inner panels of your car. The exterior is protected by paint. Watch for stone chips, scratches, and cracks. If neglected, this can cause surface rust. Use touch-up paint to prevent moisture from penetrating these areas. If serious scratches are evident, visit your local bodyshop and get those areas repainted.

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